How ASMR is Used to Help with Depression?

Depression is an epidemic that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Because as much as modern society realises how dangerous and toxic depression can be, people are still chasing high-pressure lifestyles that feed depressive episodes.

It is a vicious cycle that should be addressed by everyone on a personal level. Especially if you can testify to feeling down and depressed more than anything else.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for depression. And chances are there will never be one.

Why? Because the best treatment for depression seems to be rooted in lifestyle choices.

Forcing yourself to get into a healthy routine, to eat right, and to get quality sleep have been the most prominent suggestions to date without crossing the line to prescription medication.

It’s because getting some exercise is much healthier than downing anti-depressants.

But another form of safe and low-risk treatment has surfaced in recent years, namely ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).

What looked like just another YouTube trend has turned out to be a good way for individuals to cope. In addition to helping people cope with depression, ASMR videos have been used for their calming effects in general – such as with insomnia, studying and relaxation.

Even individuals with anxiety and anger issues seem to find benefit from them.


Understanding More About ASMR

Just to clarify for those that haven’t come across an ASMR video before, it is not meant to be a miracle cure and it’s not something spectacular to see or watch.

Instead, the visuals and sound effects will – in technical terms – be incredibly boring. But that’s the whole point.

As you are reading this, many have discovered they have a soothing trigger.

For example, maybe you feel soothed and relaxed when you see and hear the wind blowing through the branches of a tree. It can be so captivating that you feel like looking at the scene all day long.

Well, this is an experience you share with a lot of people, just in case you didn’t know already.

However, others might prefer seeing and hearing something else.

Some even find it relaxing to sit and stare at magazine pages being flipped for hours on end. The point is there are many different sights and sounds to choose from in order to trigger naturally soothing thoughts.

You don’t have to do anything.

It’s a matter of letting the negative energy go while allowing yourself to enjoy calm scenery with soothing sounds.

The result differs from person to person. But the overall perspective is that ASMR videos can help to improve your mood and cope better.


The Side-Effects of Living with Depression

When people don’t suffer from depression, it is very difficult for them to really understand how toxic it can be.

Because in extreme circumstances, it can make the smallest task seem like you are being asked to climb a mountain.

To make matter worse, there are many types of depression, some of which can lead to extreme (or even fatal) negative thoughts.

But is prescription medication the only possible solution or treatment for depression?

Definitely not.

There are many healthy alternatives to experiment with, and they don’t have any side-effects.

More importantly, natural approaches don’t leave you more drained in the process.


How ASMR Can Possibly Help To Cope With Depression

In order to curb depression, you have to understand it better.

But for the sake of saving time, a hormonal imbalance tends to be the culprit as the source of the problem.

This is why you can feel happy the one moment and totally hopeless the next without understanding why.

Now, if ASMR is going to be useful to you, you have to get familiar with your symptoms. In other words, you have to realise you are hitting a breakdown and you need to act quickly before it gets too overwhelming.

Something as simple as an ASMR video can do exactly what you need it to.

But even if you find yourself in the middle of a very bad emotional situation, an ASMR video can help to soothe and relax you. It can even make you feel better and put in a more productive mood.


The Science Behind ASMR

At the moment, you won’t find significant or substantial studies that support ASMR as a treatment for depression.

However, as we have witnessed at ASMR FAQ’s, studies are being conducted and the big demand for more ASMR videos keep growing.

So, you have to ask yourself, what do you risk losing by checking out one or two videos? It is safe, natural, non-intrusive and very affordable.

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